Earth Corporation

Career Overviews of Directors

Outside Director

Hideyuki Tamura

Career overview

April 1975Joined HOKKAICAN CO., LTD. (now Hokkan Holdings, Ltd.)
November 1999General Manager of Technology Development Dept. of HOKKAICAN CO., LTD.
March 2000Director of HOKKAICAN CO., LTD.
June 2004President & CEO of Nitto Seiki Co., Ltd.
October 2005Director, Executive Operating Officer of HOKKAICAN CO., LTD.
June 2007Director of Hokkan Holdings, Ltd.
April 2008President & CEO of HOKKAICAN CO., LTD.
June 2010Executive Managing Director of Hokkan Holdings, Ltd.
March 2016Outside Director on Board of Earth Corporation (current position)
June 2017Special Advisor of HOKKAICAN CO., LTD. (current position)

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