Earth Corporation

Our History

YearCompany MilestonesProduct Development Milestones
1892 Founded in Osaka (Namba) by Hidezo Kimura  
1910 Plant built in Hyogo Prefecture (Sakoshi, Ako City)  
1916 Successful enabled magnesium carbonate production in Japan  
1925 Kimura Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. established  

Released “Earth” insecticide for household use

1940   Released “Earth Uzumaki Ko” mosquito repellent incense
1953   Released “Earth Aerosol” spray
1964 Changed company name to Earth Chemical Co., Ltd.

Released “Bath Roman”
bath solution

1970 Ownership stake acquisition by Otsuka Group  

Released “Gokiburi Hoi-Hoi” cockroach traps

1978 Established Earth Environmental
Services Co., Ltd.

Released “Earth Red” fumigator

1979 Completed construction on R&D Center and Biological Laboratory  
1980 Established ARS Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (now Earth (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)  
1982   Released “Nezumi Hoi-Hoi” rodent traps

Released “Dani Earth” flea and tick spray


Released “Earth No-mat” liquid-type mosquito killer, and
“Mushi Korori Earth Spray, Powder”


Released “Sebon” aromatic toilet cleanser, and
“Arinosu Korori” ant bait

1986 Acquired stake in Otsuka Zoekon K.K. (now Earth Pet Co., Ltd.)  
1987 Completed construction on
Ako Plant

Released “Mondahmin” mouthwash

1989 Established Tokyo Office and International Office  
1990 Established Earth Chemical
(Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Released “Earth Gokiburi Hohsan Dango” boric acid-based cockroach bait, and
“Rotenyu Meguri” bath powder

1991 Moved company headquarters to Tokyo  

Released “Saratekuto” additive-free insect Repellent spray

1995   Released “Pirepara Earth”
1996 Sales collaboration with Block Drug Co. in the USA (now GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Japan K.K.)

Released “Earth Jet”

1997   Released “Goki Jet Pro”
1998   Released “Earth Amido Ni Mushi Konai”
1999   Released “Earth Red Non Smoke Kiri Type”, and
“Earth Shanai No Nioi Tori”, and
“Earth Aircon Senjo Spray”
2000   Released “Osoto de No-Mat”
2001 Started production/sales with the handover of VAPONA brand by Shell Japan Co., Ltd.

Released “VAPONA Sacchu Plate”

2002 Completed construction of new R&D Center (TR21, Ako) at the Sakoshi Plant

Sales collaboration for Aquafresh products with UK company GlaxoSmithKline (now
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Japan K.K.)
Released “Denchi de No-mat” mat-free mosquito killer, and
“Hachi Abu Magnum Jet” insecticide spray for bees and horseflies
2003   Released “Earth Garden Kemushi-Korori”
2004 Completed construction on headquarters building Released “Dani Earth Bo Dani Spray” “Shoshu Tamago”
2005 Obtained certification for ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Established Earth Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

Released “Black Cap” cockroach extermination bait

2006 Assigned to First Section of
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Released “Earth Tennen Herb No Mushi Yoke”, and
“ Dethmore Pro”
2007 Sales-tie up of home-use household products
with Reckitt Benckiser, Inc. (UK)

Released “Kobae Ga Hoi Hoi”, and
“Kumonosu Shometsu Jet”

2008 Tarky Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary of Earth Biochemical Co., Ltd. (now Earth Pet Co., Ltd.) Released “Vapona Mushiyoke Net W”, and
“Onso”, and
“Mama Wa Boku (Watashi) No Haishasan”
2009 Certification/Registration of Environment Management System “Eco Action 21”

Released “Osu Dake No-mat” insect killer

2010   Released “Kobae Konai Earth Gomibako-yo” small household fly repellent for wastebaskets, and
“Hoshitsu Nyuuyokueki Ulmore” moisturizing bath liquid
2011   Released “Shoshu Aroma Palette”, and
“Noushuku Sebon Neo”
2012 Subsidiary acquisition of Bathclin Corporation
Subsidiary acquisition of Nikke Pet Care Co., Ltd. by Earth Biochemical Co., Ltd. (current Earth Pet Co., Ltd.)

Released rose scent of “Earth Uzumaki Ko” mosquito repellent incense, and
“Earth Shiramitori Shampoo” for removal of lice

2013   Released “Earth Garden T” garden insect repellent, and
“Minna ni Yasashii Josozai O-uchi no Kusa Korori” herbicide for weeds
2014 Established 100% subsidiary Hakugen Earth Co., Ltd. to take over business from Hakugen Co., Ltd. “Korasu Jet Reito Sacchu” insect spray, and
“Yabu-ka no Inai Niwa wo Tsukuru Spray” aedes mosquito repellent for gardens
2015 Established Earth Chemical (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. (now Earth Corporation (Shanghai)) Released “Onpo” bubble bath
2016 Completed construction on new Mondahmin plant

Entered capital and business alliance with Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Made Johnson Trading Co., Ltd. into a subsidiary
Released “Naturas Tennen Herb No Gokiburi Yoke”, and
2017 Revamped Corporate logo and slogan
Acquisition of A My Gia Joint Stock Company (current Earth Corporation Vietnam)
Establishment of Earth Pet Co., Ltd. following the merger of Earth Biochemical Co., Ltd. and Johnson Trading Co., Ltd.

Released “Goki-Push Pro”, and
“natuvo”, and
“Cleverin Toilet Deodorizer & Disinfectant”

2018 Establishment of a representative office in Myanmar Released “Earth Katori-Okoh”
Partnership with EPARK,Inc.
Establishment of Earth Healthcare,Inc.
Released “Helper Tasuke”
2021   Released “Osu Dake Earth Red Non-Smoke Push”

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