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Privacy Policy

Earth Corporation(referred to in the following as “Our Company”)exercises the utmost care in handling personal information received from customers.
Our Company strictly abides by laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law and related standards, in order to protect the personal information of our customers.

1. Acquiring Personal Information

Our Company uses fair and proper means to acquire personal information. Unless it is a case specified by law to be handled as an exception, Our Company shall either express or announce the purpose of use of the information to be acquired to the person concerned prior to acquiring the information, or shall inform or announce this purpose to the person immediately after acquiring the information. Please refer to “2. Use of Personal Information” for more about purposes of use of personal information which are announced in advance.
Our Company shall not use the personal information that it acquires to any further extent than is necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
Unless it is a case specified by law to be handled as an exception, Our Company shall obtain prior consent from the person concerned when acquiring personal information that requires special consideration.

2. Use of Personal Information

3. Management of Personal Information

4. Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

Our Company only shares customer personal information with third parties in the following cases.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information

When receiving a request from a customer to disclose personal information belonging to that customer, unless Personal Information Protection Law specifies any justifiable reason not to, Our Company shall not hesitate to disclose the information upon verifying that the party making the request is indeed that customer.

6. Modifications, Additions, Deletions, Suspensions of Use, and Other Actions Performed Involving Personal Information

When Our Company discloses personal information to the customer requesting it, and the customer finds inaccuracies in the information and requests or applies for modifications, additions, deletions, or other such actions, Our Company will not hesitate to check the accuracy of this personal information. If the information is found to contain errors, Our Company will not hesitate to modify, add, delete, or perform any other necessary actions to the information.
Additionally, if Personal Information Protection Law violations are found, such as personal information being gathered through inappropriate means, or sharing of personal information with a third party without justifiable reason, we will not hesitate to take the actions specified in Personal Information Protection Law, including immediately suspending use of the information.

7. Procedure for Requesting Disclosure or Other Requests for Personal Information

If you are a customer and you would like to file a complaint about the disclosure or handling of your personal information, or wish to request modification, addition, deletion, or another action to be performed on your personal information, please follow the procedure below to submit a request.

8. Use of Cookies

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9. Revisions to These Policies

Our Company regularly revises these policies in order to improve them. As such, they are subject to change without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.

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