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Materiality: Attention to global environmental problems

Environmental awareness

Global environmental pollution and the lack of resources are barriers to the formation of a sustainable, recycling-oriented society. For Earth Corporation, attention to environmental issues throughout the entire value chain is directly tied into the sustainability of the company’s business. We are aware that our initiatives aimed at effectively using resources and reducing waste not only mitigate business risks by reducing environmental impact at every stage, from raw material procurement to product design and manufacture, use, and disposal; they also contribute to maintaining and improving the company’s brand and corporate value.

Basic approach

Earth Corporation has declared that in accordance with our corporate philosophy of “We act to live in harmony with the Earth,” we will strive to take the protection of the global environment into account in all our business activities, and to actively contribute to the lives of the people of the world. Current issues include global environmental pollution and the lack of resources. Given that environmental problems throughout the value chain impact not only the company’s business but the world’s sustainability, our basic stance is to continually promote initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact.
Earth Corporation conducts the following initiatives with attention to global environmental issues, to contribute to reducing environmental impact.

  • Increase the efficiency of water usage in relation to production activities (from R&D to production)
  • Use resources effectively, striving for a recycling-oriented society
  • Stipulate Earth ECO Standards, and expand the scope of environment-friendly products


Earth Corporation has put in place an Environmental Management Structure to resolve global environmental issues.

Link to the Environmental Management Structure


Earth conducts initiatives with attention to global environmental issues.

Initiatives related to global environmental issues

Earth ECO Standards

Indexes and targets

[KPIs]Increase water usage efficiency:
Compared to 2020:
・ 3% increase (2023)
・ 6% increase (2026)
・ 10% increase (2030)

Zero emission of industrial waste and other materials from plants and R&D Center:
・ Investigate and review status at waste treatment subcontractors (2023)
・ Zero emissions at plants and R&D Center
・ Continue zero emissions at plants and R&D Center (2030)

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