Earth Corporation

Corporate Philosophy

Earth Group Corporate Philosophy

We act to live in harmony with the Earth.

Our company name, “Earth,” embodies our predecessors’ desire to offer useful products to people around the world. For more than a century since the company was founded in 1892, we have taken on the challenge of realizing healthy and comfortable lifestyles for everyone, and we have achieved steady growth along with society by continually providing high-quality products. We will continue to be a part of the lives of people around the world, and to contribute to richer and more comfortable living.

Earth Policy

Earth Policy represents the behaviors and actions that are essential to achieving our Corporate Philosophy.
Creating a Market with customers

Earth Value

Earth Value is shared by all employees in the context of the company’s business operations.
One Earth
Open communication

Earth Corporation Conduct Guidelines

Earth Corporation Conduct Guidelines serve as a standard that enables each and every employee and director to make fair judgments in line with corporate ethics, and to execute those judgments faithfully.
The guidelines focus on five key themes: customers, society, the market, shareholders, and colleagues:

The explanation of the conduct guidelines include descriptions of laws and regulations to be followed when putting these guidelines into practice, along with real-world examples. Upon receiving these conduct guidelines, employees and directors sign a written pledge, and submit it to the Compliance Committee. These Guidelines can only be amended or abolished with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Earth Group Global Code of Conduct

Origin of the company name, and the corporate logo

Origin of the company name

The company name “Earth” embodies our desire to offer unparalleled Japanese products to the world. Since the company’s foundation, we have attached this name to the company and its products, as we undertake business activities from a global perspective.

Corporate logo

The corporate logo has the company’s name, Earth, as its motif, using the color blue to express safe and comfortable “Life,” and a red segment with a flare to express the Earth Group’s corporate spirit of “Act,” characterized by action with passion and sincerity. The “A” in EARTH was designed as an upward facing arrow, to express the Earth Group’s stance of constantly taking on the challenge of being the best in the world.

“Act For Life” is a simple expression of the company’s corporate philosophy, conveying the Earth Group’s promise to customers that by providing products and services, it will act to contribute to safety and comfort in the lives of people everywhere.

The Japanese version of slogan is a familiar, easy-to-understand expression of this promise to customers that we will “Act For Life,” and could be translated as “Making the Earth a home that feels good.” “Feels good” refers to living in both safety and comfort.

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