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About forecasts for the future

The information displayed on this website includes predictions for the future performance of Earth Corporation and its group companies.
This information involves both risk and uncertainty, and is not a guarantee of future performance. Please be aware that changes to the business environment and other such factors could cause actual performance to differ from the targets.
We assume no responsibility for data, statements, and other such information found on this website that is either missing or erroneous. We appreciate your understanding.

About investment decisions

This website does not seek to encourage investment.
We ask shareholders and investors to make investment decisions on their own.

About securities transactions

The intention of this website is to provide information related to the future business strategy of the company. The intention of the website is not to encourage investment in the securities issued by the company.

Copyright ownership of the contents of this site

Ownership rights to every part of what is shown on this website belong entirely to Earth Corporation Please do not reproduce or disseminate these contents electronically, mechanically, or by any other means, for any purpose.


Earth Corporation assumes no responsibility for any problems, losses, or damage brought about by the use of this website or the information that it contains. The information displayed may also be removed or changed without prior notice, and Earth Corporation assumes no responsibility for any problems, losses, or damage that this causes.

Privacy Policy

We manage personal information that we have received from shareholders and investors with the utmost care. We never provide personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the shareholders and investors.

For more information, please visit the “Privacy Policy” webpage.

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