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When using the Earth Corporation website (referred to in the following as “This Site”), please do so after first reading and agreeing to the terms of use listed below. If for any reason you should decide not to agree to these terms, we regretfully ask that you refrain from using the site. Please note that if you use This Site, you will be considered to have agreed to all of the below conditions.
Please also note that the content on this page may be changed without prior notice.

1. System Requirements

We recommend the following systems and browsers when viewing This Site. If your environment is not included in these systems requirements, you may be unable to use certain pages and functions.

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* Even when using the recommended systems and browsers, the specifications of particular smartphones may make them unable to properly display parts of This Site.


For viewing and printing PDF files

The Adobe® Reader® plug-in is required when viewing or printing PDF files found on This Site.
If you do not have this plug-in, please visit the Adobe Systems download page and install it from there.

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2. Range of Use

Unless stated otherwise, Earth Corporation owns the rights to all of the content (referred to in the following as “This Content”) displayed on This Site. This Content (images, audio, text, etc.) may be viewed freely, but may not be used (including reproduction, distribution, alteration, public transmission, re-use, forwarding, etc.) in any way or for any purpose without prior written consent from Earth Corporation. Please note that use of This Content without the consent of Earth Corporation may constitute offenses such as infringement on copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights, and privacy. However, necessary portions of This Content may be downloaded for personal, non-commercial, or household use. In these cases, Earth Corporation can in no way guarantee that your use of This Content does not infringe on the rights of a third party.

3. Use of Trademarks, Etc.

The trademarks, logos, and service marks on This Site (collectively referred to in the following as “Trademarks, Etc.”) are those used by Earth Corporation, and This Site does not offer consent to visitors using these Trademarks, Etc. Use of the Trademarks, Etc., or other such content displayed on This Site without prior written consent from Earth Corporation or the entity with lawful rights is prohibited.

4. Guaranteeing Content

Earth Corporation works to ensure that This Content is both accurate and current, including future forecast data. However, Earth Corporation does not guarantee that This Content is perfect or complete, and does not assume any responsibility for mistakes or omissions that it may contain. For future forecast data in particular, actual performance may deviate significantly from the forecast due to a variety of factors.
Earth Corporation also makes no guarantees, expressly or implicitly, that This Content is compatible, merchantable, infringement-free, etc., for any specific purpose.

5. Disclaimer

Usage and viewing of This Site shall be done at your own risk (self-responsibility). Neither those involved in the creation and distribution of This Site, nor Earth Corporation, shall bear any responsibility whatsoever for damage (regardless of whether damage is direct or indirect, including damage to computers or network systems), or compensation to repair such damage, resulting from usage or access to This Site or This Content.

6. Non-Solicitation of Securities Purchases or Sales

This Site does not solicit purchases or facilitate applications for sales of securities issued by Earth Corporation such as stock shares or convertible bonds. This Content was not created for the purpose of investment advice on the purchase or sale of Earth Corporation securities or those of any other company.

7. Linked Sites

About Links to This Site

In principle, there are no restrictions on linking to This Site. However, please note that the addresses or content of the individual pages within the site may be changed or deleted without notice. Earth Corporation assumes no responsibility for any damage or detrimental circumstances resulting from such changes or deletions.
We also unequivocally refuse links from websites which contain content that does any of the following.

Websites of Third Parties

Earth Corporation does not verify accuracy or perform any other form of checking for third party sites linked from This Site, or those which post links to This Site (referred to in the following as “Linked Sites”). As such, Earth Corporation assumes no responsibility for any damage that arises from the use of Linked Sites.

8. Information Provided by Customers

Earth Corporation will treat input, offers, information, and anything else submitted through This Site by customers which does not contain personal information (which we will refer to collectively as “Submitted Information”), as non-confidential general information. The party submitting this information agrees that Earth Corporation and affiliated companies may freely use this Submitted Information, and guarantees that its use does not infringe on the rights of any third party.

9. Use of Cookies

This Site uses a technology known as cookies.
Cookies are information sent by server computers to the browser of the customer and stored in the hard drive of the computer used by the customer.
Customer personal information is neither sent nor received through cookies on This Site.

Purposes of Using Cookies

Cookies are used on This Site for the following purposes.

Advertisements for Earth Corporation are displayed on various websites on the internet through third parties who are contracted for the distribution of these advertisements. In doing so, third parties use cookies to distribute advertisements based on past website access information. Cookies from Earth Corporation may also be saved and referenced through third parties based on their contracted services for distributing the advertisements of Our Company.

Turning Off Cookies

Customers can disable cookies through Google by accessing Google advertisement display settings (Or disable the use of cookies through third-party communications companies by accessing the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page).
Customers who do not wish to accept cookies can also change their browser settings. Options for cookie settings include “Accept cookies”, “Never accept cookies”, and “Ask me before accepting cookies.” Settings are configured differently for each browser. Please check the ”Help” menu of your browser for instructions.
Please note that if you do not allow cookies you may be subject to restrictions when using various internet services.

10. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of This Site and its terms of use are in compliance with Japanese law. Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance of all disputes arising in connection with This Site.

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