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President & Representative Director Katsunori Kawabata

Achieving safe and comfortable lives for people around the world as a total care company for infectious diseases

Heading into the future, based on existing business foundations

Since last year, the Earth Group has been moving forward with activities aimed at becoming a “total care company for infectious diseases.”

The world is still threatened by novel coronavirus infections. Amid rapid changes in business approaches and work styles, the Earth Group, whose core business centers on household insecticide products that prevent infections transmitted via insects, is returning to the approach of “standing up to infectious diseases,” which has been at the root of its business since the company’s foundation, and seeks to fulfill this mission in even broader fields.

Of course, this includes the continuation of steady fundamental research that has supported the Earth Group up to now. If we turn our attention to the surroundings, in the backdrop of the novel coronavirus infection, we can see that there are needs in fields such as “sterilization” and “deodorization,” which are the Earth Group’s specialty fields.

The starting point is the “MA-T System” (Matching Transformation System), an innovative oxidization control technology developed in Japan. The Earth Group is expanding its business fields to increase value and promote the proliferation of the MA-T System, for example by expanding new applications through open innovations and collaborations among industry, government, and academia, and by resolving issues through unprecedented collaborations among different industries.

Applying experience from the pandemic in the coming era

At the same time, as we take on the issues of rebuilding the financial base, we have a strong awareness that we must change past approaches, and have opened up new markets by leveraging the technologies and sales foundations that we have established up to now. Within the company as well, we have introduced remote work and online conferences as a result of the pandemic, but even after the pandemic has subsided, we will maintain a stance of verifying the effects of these initiatives and holding onto positive outcomes while eliminating less effective approaches, and select the best measures depending on the conditions.

Earth Corporation conducts insecticide education activities, establishing “insecticide stations” at sporting events and other events held amid pandemic countermeasures.

One aspect of these insecticide education activities held at sporting events is “CSV Management,” which aims to resolve social issues through business itself. In October 2022, we established the CSR & Sustainability Promotion Department directly under the jurisdiction of the president, to further strengthen these activities.

Making “contributions to society through business” easier to understand

I believe that approaches to society such as ESG and SDGs are not new approaches, but something that we have always been doing. By clearly documenting these approaches, it has become possible to compare them to what we have been doing up to now, and undertake these activities with a stronger awareness.

In our company, preconceptions like “even if I don’t tell them, they will understand,” or “I’m sure they will do it” are often the cause of failures. By clearly expressing to outside parties the things that we are doing, we are making a promise to society, and I believe that we can fulfill that promise.

In May 2021, we signed the United Nations Global Compact, put forward by the United Nations, and were registered as a participating company. In addition to increasing the visibility of social contribution activities through business based on international standards, we will further promote the Earth Group’s ESG management on a global scale.

Placing top priority on “for society, and for the customers”

Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs and other sustainability goals are often seen from a long-term perspective, and many of these goals are difficult to achieve. The Earth Group will separate the things that we can and cannot do, and we will devote ourselves to doing what we can. There are very strict standards, including reductions in environmental impact, but ultimately, we will undertake these activities one at a time, placing priority on “for society, and for the customers.”

We will also need to ask our business partners to cooperate with the Earth Group’s approach. On a global scale, there are many issues, like differences in enthusiasm depending on the country or region, but we will make a special effort to present the Earth Group’s approach to new business partners, and work together with them. The most important thing is not immediate profits, but rather the value that our business can create for the world at large. This is why we are further promoting insecticides, and professing to be a “total care company for infectious diseases.” I would like to entrench this idea within the company as well, so that employees can feel the joy of working at a company where the business itself contributes to society.

When we think about infectious diseases, we must be aware of the global scale in the rollout of business, and talk about the world as a whole. To create a society where people throughout the world can live with peace of mind, we will continue to grow and take on new challenges, with a sense of responsibility and self-awareness, knowing that the Earth Group is making a difference.

December 2022
President & Representative Director
Katsunori Kawabata

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