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Materiality: Creating workplaces that support activities by diverse individuals

Environmental awareness

Based on the Earth Value of “Diversity,” we strive to achieve workplaces that support participation by diverse individuals. We are aware that putting in place workplace environments with attention to employees’ health and safety, and respecting human rights, maintaining diversity, and ensuring fair and appropriate treatment, enables us to achieve workplaces that enhance motivation and allow each and every employee to grow, and that this ties into the creation of long-term value for the company.

Basic approach

Based on the Earth Value of “Diversity,” the Earth Group strives to achieve workplaces that support participation by diverse individuals.
We have created the “Earth HR Philosophy” and the “Earth HR Management Policy” to realize the corporate philosophy and management goals.
The following initiatives have been conducted to create workplaces that support participation by diverse individuals.

  • Promote the use of annual paid holidays.
  • Increase the ratio of women in managerial positions, to promote the active participation of female employees.

Earth HR Philosophy

Growing together with employees
=Challenge to Grow=

We value all of our colleagues, and take on challenges together

Earth HR Management Policy

  • Look for people who understand our corporate policy
  • Foster people who can independently carry through on our group policy
  • Provide people who are willing to take on challenges with meaningful work and opportunities
  • Richly reward people who achieve results
  • Create workplaces where people can work with peace of mind
  • Achieve diverse workstyles

Earth Diversity Declaration

People are everything: Diversity
Based on the value of “People are everything” shared by employees, we are aware that diversity is a central driving force for the growth of the Earth Group. The concept of diversity includes many factors, including gender, race and nationality, disabilities, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, religion or beliefs, career experience, and workstyles. The Earth Group has declared that in order to ensure continuous growth, we will strive to cultivate an organizational culture that fosters individuals who can understand and accept the differences among colleagues in the workplace.

President & Representative Director
Katsunori Kawabata

Health management

In 2019, we put forward the “Earth Health Declaration” as a message from top management, and established a Health Management Promotion Team, placing executive officers in positions of responsibility. We also established a Healthcare Team within the HR Management Department, to follow up on health management for employees. These two teams will further strengthen “data health,” analyzing health checkup results along with industrial physicians and public health nurses, as well as “collaborative health,” promoting specific measures in collaboration with the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Association, and will continue to promote the physical and mental health of employees and their families.

Earth Health Declaration


  • Initiatives for safety and health

    We have established the following committees and subcommittees to undertake activities aimed at securing safe and healthy workplace environments.

    ・Safety and Health Committee and Health Committee
    ・Safety and Health Subcommittee
    ・Safe driving management activities
    ・Compliance Committee (including contact points for internal reporting)

  • Organizational structure for “health management”

    Through the companywide structure outlined below, which includes senior executive directors, the company implements measures aimed at promoting the health of employees and their families. Among these activities are monthly meetings based on an annual health management plan, and the transmission of relevant information both inside and outside of the company.


We conduct a variety of initiatives to create workplaces that support participation by diverse individuals.

HR initiatives

Initiatives related to evaluations and compensation

Initiatives related to diversity & inclusion

Indexes and targets

[KPIs]Paid holiday usage rate:
Maintain at 70% or more (2023, 2026, 2030)

Ratio of women in managerial positions:
・10% or more (2023)
・18% or more (2026)
・30% or more (2030)

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