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Risk Management

Crisis Management Initiatives

Earth Corporation holds Crisis Management Committee meetings three times each year, with the participation of Group companies in Japan. All Group entities conduct activities aimed at preventing risks that could lead to a management crisis.

Earth Corporation has created a “Crisis Management Manual” and a “BCP*1 Manual,” and promotes crisis awareness among its employees. The company currently focuses its efforts on management (BCM*2) that promotes the functioning of the Business Continuity Plan. In 2018, the company obtained Resilience Certification based on a guideline regarding the certification of organizations contributing to National Resilience established by the National Resilience Promotion Office of the Cabinet Secretariat. Based on this certification, the company undertakes measures in the event of disasters, at the Head Office, R&D Center, plants, and other workplaces. 

*1 BCP:Business Continuity Plan

*2 BCM:Business Continuity Management

Basic Crisis Management Policy

Earth Corporation and Earth Corporation employees are fully aware that these risks to employee safety, loss of society’s trust, and economic losses resulting from various management crises can bring about a serious hindrance to management, so organized and systematic measures are put in place to prevent such management crises from occurring.

Even in the event that a crisis materializes, here, we have laid out measures for clarifying and sharing “basic crisis management regulations” as basic rules and codes of conduct so that the parties involved can quickly make judgments and act to minimize damages.

Crisis Management Conduct Guidelines

  1. Place first priority on protecting human life
  2. Protect the company’s assets
  3. Execute business continuity management to minimize damages to stakeholders, protect social trust, and ensure the company’s continued existence

Risk management structure

Information Security Initiatives

Earth Corporation has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) through the Information System Division, and has established a “Basic Information Security Policy,” communicating to all employees the importance of information security. Employees undergo regular information security training to prevent risks that could lead to information leaks and other related accidents. Each year, training is held in each division along with approximately 100 information security managers and staff, and risk assessments are conducted through individual questionnaires and information asset ledgers. The company receives ongoing certification for ISO/IEC27001 (Information Security Management Systems) based on third-party reviews. The ISMS Committee creates annual plans, amends manuals, and discusses improvement measures based on post-review evaluations by outside third-party auditing agencies. Continuous training in key areas of information security is provided as part of new employee training, based on ISMS and smart device manuals.

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