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Earth Group Global Code of Conduct

The Earth Group Global Code of Conduct sets forth the relationships between our stakeholders and the common Earth Group Corporate Philosophy. This code of conduct is available in multiple languages so non-Japanese Earth Group employees with different cultures and business customs can learn about them, and also to make our stakeholders aware of the Group’s general rules of conduct.

Earth Group Global Code of Conduct(PDF:200KB)

Message from the President

Our Group has formulated the Earth Group Global Code of Conduct to fulfill the trust and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders. They include: 1) the sense of values we share with our stakeholders, 2) the general rules of conduct our employees must observe, and 3) the code of conduct guidelines specifically describing these general rules.

We are confident that this code of conduct, which goes beyond national and regional boundaries and beyond the positions of directors and employees, will inspire recognition of our Group’s significance among customers, clients, and the global community. It will also help us build trusting relationships with stakeholders, achieve sustained growth for the Group, and contribute to society’s development.

We ask that all members of the Group work with a high level of ethics and maintain a sense of responsibility to see their work through to the end.

Thank you for your efforts.

President & Representative Director

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