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Earth Group Global Code of Conduct

The Earth Group Global Code of Conduct sets forth the relationships between our stakeholders and the common Earth Group Corporate Philosophy. This code of conduct is available in multiple languages so non-Japanese Earth Group employees with different cultures and business customs can learn about them, and also to make our stakeholders aware of the Group’s general rules of conduct.

President’s message

To ensure that the Earth Group earns the trust and meets the expectations of customers and other stakeholders, we created “Earth Group Global Conduct Guidelines” as a summary of (1) the values that we share with stakeholders; (2) the action principles that employees should adhere to; and (3) the conduct guidelines that incorporate those action principles into specific behaviors.

We believe that by acting in accordance with these guidelines, regardless of regions and national borders or the individual’s position in the company, we can bring to customers and business partners, and by extension to global society as a whole, an awareness of the value that the Earth Group offers. As the Earth Group continues to grow, building trust relationships with stakeholders, we will contribute to the development of society.

Earth Corporation strives to fulfill its mission based on strong ethical principles and with a sense of responsibility in following through on that mission. We look forward to your support and cooperation.

川端 克宜
President & Representative Director

Earth Group Global Code of Conduct

Our Corporate Philosophy defines our commitment to continuously prosper and grow together with society. To accomplish this goal, we will provide products and services that people around the world truly need.
“Act For Life” expresses Earth Group’s promise to our customers; namely, that we will exist in harmony with the lives and lifestyles of all people (Life) and will contribute (Act) to ensure safe and enjoyable lifestyles for all.
Earth Group has established a new Corporate Philosophy by focusing on our proper course of action and our relationship with society, while also examining the essence of our corporate culture and history. The use of the word “Earth” in our corporate name is based on the vision of our founders, who sought to provide the world with products that are beneficial to people.

For more than a century since our founding in 1892, we have been devoted to helping people live happy, healthy lives and have continued to provide high-quality products, thus growing steadily together alongside society in the process. Moving forward, as an essential part of diverse lifestyles for even more people around the world, Earth Group will advance together with our customers, society, and shareholders as we contribute to even greater prosperity and enjoyment in daily living through harmony with the essence of life.

The concerted effort by all employees of Earth Group is the foundation for activities pertaining to our Corporate Philosophy.
In addition to driving initiatives aimed at the future, we conduct appropriate CSR activities including thorough compliance, corporate governance, and environmental awareness. We aim to be a value-delivering company that all of our stakeholders can feel happy and proud to be a part of.

Constantly providing even greater enjoyment

Earth Group has been devoted to helping people live better lives for more than a century since our founding in 1892. Modern lifestyles are undergoing dramatic changes in terms of awareness towards hygiene, safety, and peace of mind. More and more people are calling for improvements in the prosperity and enjoyment of life. Earth Group is devoted to manufacturing that harmonizes with daily life in any era and constantly provides even greater enjoyment.

1.Establishment of our new Corporate Logo

About our Corporate Philosophy
We designed a new Corporate Logo which includes the phrase “Act For Life.” As the result of how we “Act” (contributing to safe and enjoyable lifestyles for all by providing products and services that people truly need), Earth Group seeks to continuously prosper and grow together with our customers (consumers), society (the environment), our employees, shareholders, and all other stakeholders. This meaning is also expressed in our Corporate Philosophy “We act to live in harmony with the Earth,” which defines the reason for our company’s existence.
Earth Group will continue to contribute to even more prosperous and enjoyable lifestyles for people throughout the world.

2.Earth Values (shared values) and Earth Policy (code of conduct)

Earth Values are the basis of shared values and action when working together with fellow employees, suppliers, cooperating companies, and other business partners.

Earth Policy defines ways of thinking and appropriate behavior when working at Earth Group.

3.Code of Conduct

We must engage in conduct based on our personal sense of righteousness and conduct viewed as appropriate by society. This rule must be followed when conducting corporate activities in countries with different lifestyles, customs, culture, laws, and regulations.
If an employee were to feel that something is wrong or to feel reluctant to discuss a certain matter with others, that employee should consult with their supervisors, coworkers, or departments such as the Legal Department or Compliance Department.

Together with customers

3-1 Appropriate provision of information to customers

We must ensure that each customer using our products understands how to use the applicable products and recognizes related cautions. This is essential for ensuring that customers (users) can lead a safe and enjoyable lifestyle. Accordingly, Earth Group does not provide explanations which (1) are not based on data, (2) create the wrong impression, or (3) create excessive expectations. Furthermore, we use simple, easy-to-understand words and phrases when conveying information to customers.
In addition to preventing accidents, these rules enable our customers (consumers) to understand how the products and services provided by Earth Group contribute to a more prosperous and enjoyable lifestyle.

3-2 Providing safe, high-quality products and services

It goes without saying that the products and services provided by Earth Group comply with the laws, regulations, and guidelines of each country where our customers live. However, we also go one step further to satisfy “Earth Standards” which surpass the safety and quality standards of each country. To achieve such high levels, we must conduct manufacturing, storage, shipping (importing/exporting), and sales in accordance with quality standards and manuals related to our products and services as much as possible.
If circumstances make it impossible to conform to quality standards or manuals, or if a mistake has been made, employees should report to a supervisor immediately. There may be cases in which a mistake was made or circumstances in which conformance is not possible. However, hiding or falsifying such occurrences is unacceptable behavior.

Together with society

3-3 Preventing violation of human rights

In recent years, corporations are expected to engage in responsible supply chain management and human rights due diligence (ongoing procedures in order to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for adverse human rights impacts).
Earth Group is never involved in child labor or forced labor in any country or region, nor do we permit the exploitation of labor. Moreover, we do not conduct business with any party who engages in such behavior. Earth Group takes the initiatives to comply with laws and regulations related to wages and labor relations.

3-4 Prohibition of bribery

Bribery is the act of influencing the other party to act in accordance with one’s own intentions by directly or indirectly providing something of value, or offering to do so. This act is prohibited by law in many countries; furthermore, some countries have regulations which extend overseas (for example, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act of Japan). No country condones bribery.
“Something of value” includes expensive gifts and trips, mediation leading to employment of family members or relatives, and special rebates or services provided to an individual. Employees at Earth Group never offer to provide “something of value” as defined here. Furthermore, if a business partner offers to provide something of value, or if such favor is requested by a public official, etc., employees should immediately consult with a supervisor, the Legal Department, or the Compliance Department. Employees must never attempt to resolve such matters at their own discretion.

3-5 Environmental protection

Our company seeks to exist in harmony with the Earth; however, our planet is already faced with many serious issues such as global warming, climate change, and rising sea levels. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was announced by the United Nations in September 2015, states that “Ours is the last generation which can head off the worst effects of climate change.”
Amidst such conditions, Earth Group complies with and goes beyond laws and requirements related to the environment. Additionally, Earth Group recognizes our position as a consumer of energy and resources. Therefore, all employees continually demonstrate personal concern and take the initiative to conserve resources during product development, conserve energy during production/distribution, and reduce industrial waste.

Together with fellow workers

3-6 Accepting diversity (individuality) and exerting autonomy

In order to provide products and services which are truly needed by our customers, Earth Group performs hiring and employment based on an evaluation of various backgrounds, skills, and experience.
This blending of people with different identities creates new ideas (innovation) which lead to the creation of markets for new products and services. Mutual respect (communication) is essential for this blending to occur.
At the same time, in order to elicit the maximum potential of each employee, it is essential to create a workplace environment free of uncomfortable, threatening, and humiliating behavior (for example, harassing e-mails). Additionally, it is unacceptable to discriminate based on a person’s background (race, color, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation) or legally-protected characteristics (physical disabilities, marital status, military record, or HIV/AIDS infection etc.).

3-7 Healthy and enjoyable workplace environment for employees

In order to protect employees who are one of our most valuable resources, it is essential for Earth Group to comply with national laws, regulations, and guidelines related to the labor environment. Furthermore, our company must never avoid or neglect the application of safety regulations (including disaster-preparedness and evacuation orders for fires, earthquakes, etc.) as defined by company regulations, rules, or procedures.
Moreover, in order to enact our Corporate Philosophy and expand continually, all employees of Earth Group must have a healthy mind and body. In addition to maintaining an appropriate labor environment, our company recognizes the importance of having employees take an appropriate amount of time off from work.

Together with shareholders and companies

3-8 Prohibition of insider trading

Many countries have laws which restrict the use of private information impacting stocks prices (insider information) as a basis for securities transactions involving stocks, bonds, or futures (insider trading).
As “corporate insiders” (persons employed at a company related to a Japanese corporation which offers stock to the public), all employees of Earth Group must exercise caution exceeding that of a normal person when handling important undisclosed information, regardless of whether that information pertains to their own company or a different company, and must not engage in insider trading.

3-9 Protection and effective utilization of company assets

Due to personal activities (including those of family members or relatives), or due to activities with customers or business partners, there may be cases in which it is not possible or appears not to be possible to make impartial decisions from a company perspective. In such cases, employees should immediately consult with a supervisor, the Legal Department, or the Compliance Department.
To an extent which varies with the type of duties performed, the handling of goods and money is an unavoidable part of work. When handling goods or money (even a small amount), employees at Earth Group must create accurate records and submit reports in accordance with recording/storage procedures defined by each company. Failure to create records and creation of falsified/fraudulent records is not acceptable in any circumstances.

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