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Status of Each Business Segments

The figure below shows the sales of each business unit, and the ratio of that unit to overall sales for the year ended December 2017. Sales figures include internal sales and transfers between and within business segments, which totaled 8.398 billion yen.

164.616 billion yen in the household goods business, 87.5% of total sales

Sales by year


Insecticides and Repellents Segment

Average temperature was lower compared to the previous year throughout the season, which impacted the market, thus the domestic household insecticides and repellent market decreased. However, our market share (according to company projections) was 56.7% (up 0.3% year-on-year).
Under such circumstance, the sales of the fly and mosquito products was lower than the previous year following the slow market, on the other hand, the cockroach bait “Black Cap” showed strong sales, and also the new cockroach insecticide aerosol “Goki Push Pro” helped boost sales. The effort to reduce returned products was successful, and product return rates of insecticides and repellents were reduced significantly, as a result contributed to both sales and profit. As for the household gardening products, new products such as “Yasa Osu” a Designated Harmless Agricultural Chemicals product, and “Yabuka Madani Jet” spatial insect repellent contributed to the sales.
International sales increased rapidly in both local currency and yen term basis, due to the success of active sales promotions, mainly in Thailand and China.
As the result, sales total for this category was 59.59 billion yen (up 4.1% year-on-year).

Household Products Segment

In the oral care product segment, new mouthwash product “Mondahmin Premium Care Sensitive” contributed to the sales, as well as the steady growth of “Shumitekuto” preventive toothpaste for sensitive teeth and “Poligrip” denture adhesives. Sales were 40.68 billion yen (up 6.8% year-on-year).
In the bath product segment, new items launch of “Onpo” bath tablets in Autumn, which is the peak season for this segment, and the sales of new product “Onbiyoku” bath powder contributed to the sales. Sales were 23.77 billion yen (up 5.2% year-on-year).
As for the other household products segment, products such as air freshener “Sukki-ri” and ice pack “Ice Non” sales grew steadily, and also with the addition of the new toilet bowl cleaner “ToWhite” contributed to the sales. International sales grew due to new consolidation with A MY GIA JOINT STOCK COMPANY (now Earth Corporation Vietnam), which handles household cleaning products, sales growth of air fresheners in Thailand, and dehumidifiers and masks sales increase in China. Sales were 32.31 billion yen (up 11.1% year-on-year).
As result, total sales of this category were 96.77 billion yen (up 7.8% year-on-year).

Pet products and others segment

In the Pet care products segment, along with the consolidation of Johnson Tradings Company Limited, Earth Pet Co., Ltd., a new company inaugurated by merger of pet related business, utilized management resource and increased sales. On the other hand other segments were slightly less than the previous year, and the total sales of this category was 8.23 billion yen (up 12.2% year-on-year).

23.519 billion yen in the General Environment and Sanitation Business, 12.5% of total sales

Sales by year


In the General Environment and Sanitation Business, there have been strong movements to reduce costs among our main group of customers which are production plants for the manufacture of food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and packing materials. This was due to rising costs of raw materials and energy, as well as integrations and decommissioning of production facilities. At the same time, recent accidents and outbreaks of food contamination have raised awareness for “safety and reliability” to new levels. As a result, there has been increased demand for the high-quality sanitation management services that this business provides.

 Under these circumstances, we have built a company structure and network system to be able to swiftly handle customer needs. We have also put effort into human resources development and other such areas, and plotted out the continuation and expansion of our business contracts. At the same time, we have also continued building our capacity for technological development, and working to design quality assurance services that are differentiated from the pack. As a result of the above, sales in this business area totaled 23.52 billion yen (7.2% increase year-on-year).

For more information about our General Environment and Sanitation Business, please visit the Earth Environmental Service Co., Ltd. website.

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