Earth Corporation

Initiatives related to climate change

Energy conservation initiatives

[Initiatives that contribute to a carbon-free society]

More than half of the energy used by Earth Corporation is used at plants and R&D Center. Recognizing that detailed monitoring of usage status enables efficient and effective energy conservation activities, from 2013 through 2016, we introduced electric power “visualization” systems at all plants and R&D Center. We also established an Energy Conservation Promotion Committee in 2015, comprising members from various plants and R&D Center divisions with a detailed knowledge of facilities, to promote and entrench energy conservation activities using those systems, with the participation of employees. Examples of improvements studied and implemented in the various divisions are shared at monthly committee meetings, and are deployed throughout the company to achieve even greater results. To create synergistic effects throughout the entire Earth Group, subcommittees were formed in each department of the production division, and Earth Group production division gatherings are held to exchange information on various themes. Sharing information on improvements at Group companies through these subcommittees ties into energy conservation activities throughout the Earth Group as a whole.

Transition to renewable energy

[Transition to renewable energy and non-fossil fuels]

The Ako Plant in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, produces core products including Mondahmin, Onpo bath salts, and Earth Red. At this plant, solar power generation facilities were installed in the Mondahmin production building completed in 2017, and in April 2021, the plant achieved zero CO2 emissions from electric power used in production activities by switching to electric power derived from renewable energy. We are planning to expand the use of renewable energy to plants, R&D Center, and offices, as part of efforts to achieve a 46% reduction (compared to FY2020) by 2030, which is our CO2 emission reduction target. One other cause of climate change is fossil fuels, including heavy oils, liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, and gasoline, which are used in plants, offices, and company vehicles. Earth Corporation undertakes initiatives aimed at achieving a carbon-free society by creating and implementing environmental roadmaps that incorporate plans for a transition to non-fossil fuels and low carbon fuels, to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.
Based in part on the Renewable Energy ECO Plan produced by The Kansai Electric Power Company, Inc. (KEPCO), 100% of the electric power used at the Ako Plant has been shifted to electric power derived from renewable energy.

Third-party verification

[Third-party verification certificate]

Earth Corporation receives third-party verification to ensure transparency and reliability of environmental data. In FY2021, the head office, Sakoshi Plant, and Ako Plant, which account for more than 80% of the company’s CO2 emissions (Scope 1&2), received certification on the appropriateness of calculation methods and the accuracy of figures, and obtained a written opinion indicating “No errors.” We will continue to expand the scope of coverage in the future.

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