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Initiatives related to global environmental issues

Developing environment-friendly products

Development of sustainable products

By increasing the concentration of product solutions, Earth Corporation not only reduces plastic volumes, but also reduces CO2 emissions resulting from manufacturing and transport, by reducing the absolute volume of the solutions themselves. The products are also light and easy to carry, and take up less space, so contribute to ease of use for customers. We will continue to develop products that are both environment-friendly and easy to use.

Development of sustainable products
Development of sustainable products

Easy-to-use, environment-friendly bottles

Product life extension

When products last longer, it not only improves convenience for customers, but also contributes to reducing the use of resources and household waste, so we already make every effort to extend product life. The “Black Cap” series of cockroach bait was updated in 2019, when the effective usage period was extended from six months to one year.

Kaizen proposal activities

In 2019, we started up a Kaizen Promotion Project comprising young employees from various divisions, to further promote past activities. This resulted in new activities including the “Convenient Goods Contest,” with even more proposals submitted than in the previous year (5,290 proposals; +14% YoY), and monetary impact of 27.2 million yen. We will continue to promote workplace improvements in the future as well.

Shelf-life extension

As part of efforts to develop products that reduce environmental impact in the beauty and health food products divisions as well, Earth Corporation conducts initiatives aimed at contributing to reducing food loss, which is a global issue. By reviewing raw materials and manufacturing processes, we have extended the expiration dates for six products, including Placenta C Jelly, from 18 months to 25 months. We will continue our efforts to extend the shelf-life for other products as well.

Aiming for a recycling-oriented society (initiatives on the 3Rs)

Aiming for a recycling-oriented society (initiatives on the 3Rs)

We undertake product development with an awareness of environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle, and from the perspective of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle). Given that customers have shown increasing awareness of the environment, the R&D division, which is the starting point for production at Earth Corporation, actively develops products that reduce environmental impact to contribute to society through business, based on the corporate philosophy of “We act to live in harmony with the Earth.”

Production from the perspective of the 3Rs

1. Reduce

Up to now, 88 items have been reduced in size, thereby reducing the volume of plastic used by about 251 tons. This reduction volume is 3.5 times greater than that of the previous fiscal year.

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2. Reuse

There are 17 products whose bottles can be reused with refills. The film used in refill packages is lighter than the original bottles, reducing the use of plastic by about 252 tons. “Raku Hapi Alcohol Jokin EX” refills in particular are offered in three sizes–400mL, 700mL, and 5L– to meet diverse customer needs. Earth devotes considerable effort to its refill products, pursuing maximum ease of use for customers.

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3. Recycle

The container for “Earth Bug Repelling Net EX” uses recycled plastic. Recycled plastics are used in 68 items, totaling about 1,084 tons a year, an increase of about 50% from the previous year. About 87% of products with paper containers (154 items) use recycled paper.

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Mondahmin concentrated type

Since it was first released in 1987, Mondahmin has expanded its sales, with various product types being developed to protect the oral health of all consumers, from children to seniors. Now, we have succeeded in developing a technology that concentrates the solution, without impacting the strong effects and easy-to-use flavor.
“Mondahmin Peppermint Concentrated Type” and “Mondahmin Medical Concentrated Type” are the first Mondahmin mouthwash products used in diluted form. The volume of waste plastic is reduced by about 72% compared to “Mondahmin Peppermint 1080mL,” with the same number of usages.

“Zero residual liquid” redefined, bottle renewed for environmental friendliness

Liquid type “Sukki-ri!”

Liquid type “Sukki-ri!” is designed for a sustainable society, with the bottle containing the scented liquid on top, so it can be used “to the last drop.” This point is made strongly in TV commercials, on the Internet, and at retail outlets, emphasizing that “the bottle is on top, so the fragrance continues until there is no liquid left.” In 2021, the plastic used in each product container was reduced by 14–17% (expected reduction of 180t/yr.), giving rise to an even more environment-friendly product.

Environment-friendly promotional items

Environment-friendly promotional items

Promotional items with no external boxes. Information is printed on the inner surface of the packaging box, contributing to reductions in external boxes (cardboard) that are disposed of after delivery.

The Sales Relations Section, which was established in 2022, connects all information related to sales, including sales trends and information received from customers at retail outlets. The information shared is used in a wide range of scenarios, including product improvements, new product planning and development, and sales promotions. In the creation of sales promotion items in particular, because many women are involved in creating and invigorating sales floors at retail outlets, we received many suggestions regarding weights, ease-of-use, and waste reductions. Earth also conducts activities that are both people friendly and environment-friendly, for example by reducing plastics, actively using FSC© certified paper, and reducing environmental impact during transport.

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