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Earth ECO Standards

Earth Corporation established the “Earth ECO Standards”–an original environmental standard–to promote the creation of environment-friendly products as part of efforts to achieve a sustainable environment. Earth ECO Standards were designed based on the concept of achieving six of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to the environment and production. Beginning in January 2023, we will show the “Act For ECO” mark on our products that meet Earth ECO Standards.

Outline of standards for initiatives aimed at achieving targets

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Act For ECO mark

Act For ECO mark

Earth Corporation created the “Act For ECO” mark to help customers understand that the products in question are environment-friendly. The standards for the “Act For ECO” mark were established by the company, and the logo displays the company slogan, “Making the Earth a home that feels good.”
Earth Corporation, along with its customers, will continue to act for the global environment.

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