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From “human resources” to “human capital”

Earth Corporation sees its employees not as “human resources,” but as “human capital,” that is, irreplaceable value that serves as a driving force behind the company’s development. This “human capital” is at the center of the three elements that embody “Earth Values”: One Earth, Open communication, and Diversity.”
The environment surrounding Earth Corporation is changing rapidly, for example with the diversification of values, the evolution of technology, changes in demographics in Japan, and globalization. Amid these changes, we feel that our mission is to create new value. To do this, we believe that each and every employee must visualize goals, and undertake his or her duties with a desire to improve. We endeavor to act with determination, from a broad perspective and with a view toward changes in the era, and with a spirit of taking on new challenges.
To achieve these goals, we will draw out employees’ motivation by putting in place a variety of HR initiatives under the HR system (e.g., recruiting and development training, HR transfers, salary and evaluation systems, workstyle reforms, and diversity). We also work to strengthen each employee’s capabilities, so that diverse individuals can demonstrate their full potential.

Initiatives related to HR development

To foster independent individuals, Earth Corporation conducts level-specific and goal-specific training aimed at improving employees’ knowledge, skills, motivation, and career paths.

New employee training

New employee training

New employee training (product lectures)

We have prepared a curriculum for newly hired employees that includes business manners and human rights, as well as a wide range of work experience related to the company’s products; e.g., product lectures, sales training, research training, and on-the-job training in production. Through about three months of training, in addition to acquiring basic knowledge, employees strengthen bonds with cohorts and more experienced employees, and experience the corporate culture of “diversity.” The goal of the training is to provide new employees with an opportunity to think about “What does it mean to work?”; “Why do we work?”; and “What type of employee do I want to be?”

Level-specific training

Level-specific training

Manager training / Young employee training

To enable the further growth of employees and to foster strong human resources, we provide training that combines in-house instruction with programs offered by outside instructors, covering themes that include “Fostering effective management and staff” for workplace managers, “Communication” and “Coaching” for upper management staff, and “Follow-up and HR development for young employees” designed for workplace leaders. Young employees also receive training in sales activities and teamwork that transcends the boundaries of divisions, and training that improves presentation skills, communication skills, and creativity. Starting from 2022, we offer labor management training for newly appointed managers.

Global HR development

The company also provides English conversation training for employees involved in overseas operations and collaborates in overseas internships as part of projects involving collaborations between industry and academia, to support the development of staffs who will be active in the global arena. Earth Corporation currently has only about 10 non-Japanese employees, but we have specified “expanding the profit base in Asia” as an important strategy for the medium-term management plan, and will promote the acceptance of diverse individuals and invest efforts in the development of global human resources.

Initiatives for recruiting

Fair recruiting selection

Our policy for recruiting selection is to respect the basic human rights of applicants, and to prohibit recruiting decisions based on factors unrelated to aptitude and abilities. We make recruiting choices fairly, based on the applicant’s aptitude and abilities.

Recruiting activities in keeping with the era

Recruiting activities in keeping with the era

Use of YouTube / Online interviews

With company explanation meetings and virtual company tours via YouTube and the use of online interviews and PR videos, new graduates were able to participate easily in recruiting activities even amid the coronavirus pandemic. By encouraging active communications online and through multiple discussion meetings, we were able to dramatically reduce the ratio of new graduates who declined unofficial employment offers as compared to past years when recruiting involved only on-site explanation meetings and face-to-face interviews. These activities also resulted in a dramatic increase in the recruitment of students from remote regions and students who had originally considered working in other industries.

Initiatives for harassment prevention

Policies that value employees and their families

Earth Corporation’s employment regulations strictly prohibit harassment in any form, whether it be power harassment, sexual harassment, or harassment related to gender, pregnancy, birth, child care leave, or long-term care leave. We conduct ongoing courses regarding harassment, both online and face-to-face, for all employees, to ensure correct understanding and prevention of harassment. In 2021, we conducted comprehensive refresher courses on harassment focusing on four main themes: power harassment, sexual harassment, maternity harassment, and childcare / long-term care harassment. As part of efforts to create a lively workplace environment that is free of harassment, we also established a “Harassment/human relationship hotline” and an in-house consultation liaison office staffed by occupational health physicians, so that employees can ask for advice with peace of mind.

Initiatives that value employees and their families

Earth Corporation Safety Net (social welfare)

Support for work styles with peace of mind ・Asset formation and savings systems
・Employee Shareholding Association
・LTD system
・Hospitalization compensation insurance
・Group insurance systems
・Insurance for Otsuka Group employees
・Congratulatory/condolence allowance systems
・Surviving family pension and condolence allowance systems
Support for rich lifestyles and refreshment in mind and body ・Company residences and dormitories
・Residential allowances
・Discounts for Otsuka Group employees and use of recreational facilities
・Life Support Club
・Various club activities
Support for flexible work styles ・Work-at-home system
・Flextime system
・Systems for working while pregnant, raising children, caring for senior relatives, or recovering from illness or injury (shorter working hours and flextime)
・Family support leave
・Systems to support return to work
Supporting health ・Health consultation room
・Interviews with industrial physicians and occupational health nurses
・Influenza vaccination support
・Full health checkups and exams
・M3 online healthcare services
Support in career and skill development ・Level-specific training
・Goal-specific training
・Career development training
・Diversity training
・Life planning seminars
Self-development support ・Correspondence education support
・Support in obtaining certifications
・Language training support
・Sabbatical leave
Supporting active participation by employees ・Employee awards
・Awards for continued years of service
・Retirement awards
・Peer bonuses (Unipos)

Initiatives for promoting the health of employees and their families

Through the companywide structure outlined below, which includes senior executive directors, the company implements measures aimed at promoting the health of employees and their families. Among these activities are monthly meetings based on an annual health management plan, and the transmission of relevant information both inside and outside of the company.

Health management

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