Earth Corporation

Earth Health Declaration

“Making the Earth a home that feels good.”

Earth Corporation takes on the challenge of realizing healthy and comfortable lifestyles for everyone, and we have achieved steady growth along with society by providing high-quality products. In order for the Earth Group to continue to be a good company for employees and their families, and to be needed by society, we made a declaration that the entire organization would maintain and promote the health of all employees, so that everyone can work brightly and energetically, based on an awareness of the physical and mental health of every employee.

President & Representative Director
Katsunori Kawabata

Health management initiatives at Earth Corporation

Health management strategy map 2022(Japanese only)(PDF: 812 KB)

About health management at Earth Corporation 2022(Japanese only)(PDF: 1,330 KB)

Health Management / Industrial Health Activities Performance Report (2022)(PDF: 33 KB)

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