Earth Corporation

Advantages of Earth Corporation : Global Strategy

With a focus on China, Thailand and Vietnam, we will expand the field and strive to become a global brand “Earth” through exhaustive market survey.

Developing ideal product for local region through marketing.

We are proactively promoting our global strategy, with the establishment of ARS Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (now Earth (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) in 1980 marking the start of such initiative. We are currently exporting our products to 55 countries around the world. We are enhancing the Earth brand recognition by uncovering the needs from lifestyle behavior and preference that differ per each country.

Expanding market by setting our bases in China, Thailand and Vietnam.

In looking ahead to the future, we quickly entered the market by setting China/Asia market as our most important target. In regard to China, with the establishment of plant in Tianjin (1990) and Suzhou (2005) as the starting point, in 2015, we established Earth Chemical (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. (now Earth Corporation (Shanghai)) in Shanghai as the distributor that supervises sales departments. In 2017, we acquired A My Gia Joint Stock Company (current Earth Corporation Vietnam), a Vietnamese manufacturer of daily essentials and pest control items. We will now look to expand our market presence further in Asian countries together with our bases in China and Thailand.

Establishment of Earth Corporation (Shanghai)

We established Earth Chemical (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. (now Earth Corporation (Shanghai)) in June, 2015. We will expand our sales in China through integrated sales by making Shanghai as our base, by absorbing existing sales function in China and sales subsidiary of Hakugen Earth Co., Ltd. in China.

Best quality business model and social contribution activity.

We have created a local-based business model that can perform the entire development/production/sales/distribution all within our company. This model was successfully utilized at ARS Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (now Earth (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) Through our relentless pursuit toward original development/technology, we are delivering the best quality products to our Thai customers with a high degree of satisfaction. In the future, we will expand this model in China. We are going to challenge ourselves toward this mega market with 1.3 billion people.

Main Social Contribution Activities in Thailand
  • Support for time of disaster such as flood, etc. (providing goods to disaster victims)
  • Support for educational facilities (donating P.C., etc.)
  • Support for sports revival (official sponsor of soccer class of JDFA [Representative director : Masao Kiba])

Developments by Region / Country


We are developing Earth brand as the most important base of our global strategy to achieve our infiltration and establishment in China. In 1990, we established Tianjin plant to manufacture products for Japanese market, and in 2005, we established Suzhou plant in hopes of it to become the manufacture/sales base of products for Chinese market. For our future plan, we are expecting the plant to operate as the production base of products for Chinese market. Furthermore, we established Earth Chemical (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. (now Earth Corporation (Shanghai)) in 2015 to serve as the integrated distributor for sales departments, and we will continue to strive toward expanding our market share in China by expanding sales area and releasing new products with added value.


Our global strategy in Thailand started with our pest control item brand “ARS”. We have established ourselves as a solid domestic brand in Thailand through the sales increase of daily necessities like pest control item and perfuming agent that support comfortable living. Since the establishment of ARS Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (current Earth (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) in 1980, our local subsidiaries have been in charge of the entire production/sales/distribution. Through our technological strength, we are also advancing the development of original products like pest control spray with fragrance.


To accelerate our global expansion, we acquired A My Gia Joint Stock Company (AMG) (current Earth Corporation Vietnam) of Vietnam in 2017 as a new base of operations for Southeast Asia. Founded in 2003, AMG manufactures mainly household cleaners, but also fragrances and pest control items, for the Vietnam market. AMG has achieved rapid growth thanks to its 600-strong sales team that works closely with regional distributors in Vietnam, where 70% of the market is made up of small personally-owned shops. Going forward, we will aim to raise our presence in Vietnam and neighboring countries by harnessing the synergies realized by combining the Earth Group's product development capabilities.

North America

Since we entered the market on the west coast of the USA where large numbers of Asian people are living, our bath agent “Bath Roman” and cockroach trap “Hoy Hoy Trap-A-Roach” have been widely known for more than 20 years.

East Asia

Our products are highly appreciated in the East Asian markets. In Taiwan, we have established our own brand and have been making efforts to expand the market share by increasing our product line. In Hong Kong, our products have been highly acclaimed as environmentally-friendly products.

Middle East

We are expanding our market shares of liquid mosquito killers and cockroach traps in response to concerns relating to hygienic environments. Moreover, in 2006 when the outbreak of dengue fever was reported, we established our brand image by promoting pest control items “ARS” in tie-ups with the Saudi Arabian Government.

Southeast Asia

Since there is a high demand for mosquito extinction as the preventive measure for malaria and dengue, our “ARS” pest control item brand is being popularized throughout the region. We are making effort to create local demand in Vietnam/Myanmar where growth is expected in the future.


Cockroach trap device and fumigator are gaining high praises in Europe with France being the center. In the future, we will strive to expand the sales route to Eastern European countries by mainly focusing in the area of pest control items/daily necessities.

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