Earth Corporation

Advantages of Earth Corporation : Production Management

We deliver products to customers by continually producing optimum production volume through high level management system.

Unitary control system called “EFS” that can realize efficient production system.

Demand forecast and production management is vital for the sales of seasonal products. Earth Corporation formulates sales plan by using unitary control system “EFS(Earth Forecast System)” that oversees the information of entire company departments. Since this system can also check the production state in real-time, it cuts out wastes and allows for efficient production.

Original inspection device and exhaustive inspection system.

To deliver reliable products to our customers by preventing outflow of defect products, we have developed an original inspection device that can inspect the entire products. By implementing detailed and speedy inspection for the product content as well as packaging, we continue to produce highest quality products.

Educational system related to production called “ST” that can detect potential risks.

We have constructed an original educational system “ST(Skill-up Training)” that can enhance the skill of employees by succeeding quality/technique/mind. To ensure our entire production workers can operate efficiently, we are requiring them to learn the manual that entails summary of basic knowledge on company structure, matters to be noted, raw material, products, facility, etc.

Constantly evolving by reflecting customers’ feedback on quality.

We regard our customers’ feedback being delivered to the customer center as a vital information to improve our product quality, and we reflect these feedbacks to improve the function, display method and other areas of our products. Furthermore, when our customer uses the product in a wrong way, we identify the cause of such wrong usage, and we make effort to further improve the user-friendliness of such product.

Newly established the Mondahmin Plant with the latest in manufacturing facilities.

This new plant was built to captivate as well as to display proudly its technologies and reliability. The plant's cutting edge facilities ensure it is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The plant will now work on manufacturing high quality products that are safe and secure.

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