Earth Corporation

Advantages of Earth Corporation : Sales Strategy

The work of specialists is to sense customers’ feedback and daily life needs, and linking them to the sales floor.

Sales strength that utilizes industry-leading number of sales representatives.

Regarding our sales activities, we are making a daily effort to uncover consumer needs and developing new market. By utilizing our large number of sales representatives, we provide feedback to product development by grasping the market trend and potential needs. We are able to create safe, secure, and comfortable living space by reflecting the voice of consumers.

Group of specialists who produce creative sales floor through customers’perspective.

We place emphasis on creating attractive sales floors in stores that serve as the customer contact point. We assign an original group of specialists called “EMAL” who support sales promotion and create sales floor in consideration of weather/seasonal trend. By creating fresh and creative sales floor based on customers’ perspective, these specialists have contributed to an improvement of sales in the overall category of products sold in stores.

Creating new value of stores by effectively utilizing the information of sales floor.

Based on the success cases of sales floor, we drafted a sales method that added market analysis of individual sales representative. We will derive ideal sales promotion plan by integrating the condition of history/regional characteristics etc. of each store. Our proposal that aims to create new value in stores to increase buying behavior has received high evaluation.

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